Carbitron 300

Carbitron Model 300

With its superior versatility and hardness, tungsten-carbide is a must-have for hard-wearing parts and essential tools. The Carbitron Model 300 is a heavy-duty unit with a vibrating hand tool and adjustable power supply, creating a thin layer of tungsten-carbide that forms a true bond with metallic surfaces to create a harder edge. Such treated materials have newfound longevity and can be sharpened to a more refined edge than stainless steel counterparts. Apply to milling cutters, lathe bits, taps, saws, hobs, scissors, knives and more.

Diamond Dusting

The Carbitron Model 300 uses a special technique called “diamond dusting” developed by Hunter Products. With the Carbitron Model 300, you can treat such delicate surgical and laboratory instruments as tissue forceps, micro-pliers, micro-needle holders, needle holders and other pieces on-site. Exceptional sharpness and durability can be right at your fingertips for even the smallest of tools.

Carbitron Model 300

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