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At Hunter Products Inc., we provide the material you need for electroplating, tungsten carbide plating and more. For over 50 years, Hunter Products Inc. has been developing easy-to-use electroplating pens with various uses, from jewelry-making to delicate electronics work. If you want a no-fuss approach to your plating, you've come to the right place.

The developers of “diamond dusting”, a technique used in the medical field for treating instruments with tungsten carbide for a harder, more precise edge, Hunter Products Inc. is dedicated to creating cost-effective tools with professional results.


We provide more than electroplating pens and accessories. Take a look at our products and see what we offer.

From from electroplating pen refills to slide tape, you will be able to find what you need. Most products are available to order directly from our online store, but download our Order Form to fax or e-mail your order.

Carbitron 300

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Slide Tape

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Learn about the many ways you can use our Micro-Metallizing Electroplating Pen system, the Carbitron 300, and the Micro-Jet 200.

Here you can discover the various uses for each electroplating metal, the benefits of tungsten carbide coatings, and how you can use a micro-abrasive blaster for more than cleaning.