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Hunter Micro-Jet 200

Miniature Air-Abrasive Blast System
A Low-Cost System With Quality Features

The Micro-Jet 200 is a simple but well-made system designed to entrain extremely fine abrasive particles in a hi-velocity air stream and to then direct the resultant air-abrasive jet by means of a miniature hand piece. The result is an extremely versatile, shockless machining system which can perform a wide variety of operations on extremely hard and/or fragile materials.

In any air-abrasive blast system the cutting efficiency is primarily a function of the air pressure just before the exit nozzle. Most high-price systems utilize a vibratory abrasive feed system which permits the full incoming line pressure to be effective at the exit nozzle. Most economy feed systems, on the other hand, utilize Venturi abrasive feed systems which utilize only a portion of the incoming line pressure at the exit nozzle.


The Micro-Jet 200, while economically priced, employs a unique pneumatic abrasive feed system and utilizes full incoming line pressure at the discharge nozzle. As a result it is as fully effective in its cutting action as systems selling for 5 times its low price.


Cutting Drilling and Shaping
Cut, drill, and shape silicon wafers, glass, precious and semi-precious stones, ceramics, carbides and quartz.

Precision cleans fragile surfaces including electrical contacts, archeological, paleontological and fine art pieces.

Fine Adjustment of Thick-Film Components
Precision trimming of thick film resistors and capacitors to desired values.

Etching and Marking
Mark glass, ceramics, and hard metals for permanent identification or engrave with intricate designs and patterns.

De-burring and De-flashing
Removes minute burrs and flashes from small, fragile precision parts, even in normally inaccessible locations

Surface Finishing
Precision modification and correction of any surface finish.

Micro-Jet 200 Systems & Accessories

AB2000 - MICRO-JET 200 SYSTEM - Complete with stainless steel canister, inlet air line with check-valve, discharge line, foot-value and abrasive handpiece and nozzle.


AB2001 -.020" Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle Assembly
AB2002 - .030" Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle Assembly


AB2003 - .020" Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle
AB2004 - .030" Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle


AB2005 -Model 1210 BCG (10" x 13" x 11" )

Blast Cabinets

AB2017 Model 1400 BCG ( 18" x 26" x 22")

Blast Cabinets


Emdelum Aluminum Oxide [for fast cutting]
AB2024-MGAO-220 - Extra Fine ( 5 lbs. )
AB2025-MGAO-320 - Super Fine ( 5 lbs. )
AB2026-MGAO-220 - Extra Fine ( 50 lbs. )
AB2027-MGAO-320 - Super Fine ( 50 lbs. )

Emdesil Silicon Carbide [for fast cutting of extra-hard materials]
AB2028-MGSC-220 - Extra Fine ( 5 lbs. )
AB2029-MGSC-320 - Super Fine ( 5 lbs. )
AB2030-MGSC-220 - Extra Fine ( 50 lbs. )
AB2031-MGSC-320 - Super Fine ( 50 lbs. )

Glass Beads [for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces]
AB2032-MS/XL - Super Fine ( 5 lbs. )
AB2033-MS/XL - Super Fine ( 50 lbs. )


“Two years ago today we purchased a Micro-Jet 200 system to cut ceramic piezo material. Today I used it to cut two broken taps out of two titanium transducer bodies. They were high performance #8 taps in titanium rods that already had 10 hours of CNC machine time. I tried all manner of tools to try and remove them; diamond core bits, mechanical tap extractors, carbide die drills, carbide burs, etc. nothing worked. As a final try I used the Micro-Jet 200. To my amazement the little abrasive blast bored right through the tap. I was able to save the expensive part. The abrasive did not damage the threads in the part either. Thanks for a great tool.”

Peter C. Wilcox
Operations Manager
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.